Electricity is one of the main gameplay elements in eCity since almost all buildings need electricity to function.

Electricity can be supplied by direct cable connection or by being adjacent to a powered building. (this can save a lot on cables)

In order to supply electricity to buildings the voltage must be "stepped down" to the correct voltage (high = red, medium = orange, or low = yellow), similar to real life. For example: a Solar Plant connects to a Medium Transformer and then to a residential house.

Be aware that it takes a few days in eCity for changes to take effect, so after making changes to your power grid unpause the game for a few moments to allow for changes to take effect.

However, in real life High voltage power lines are more efficient, whereas in eCity it may be more cost effective to minimize the length of high power lines in favor low power lines. This is due to the cost per month of maintaining the power lines.

Cost Cost per month High Voltage Energy Medium Voltage Energy Low Voltage Energy Pollution Happiness
Nuclear 30000 200 3000

100 -70
Coal 10000 200 1500

Solar 1000 10

Wind 1250 15

High Energy Transformer 1000 50 -1500 1500

Medium Energy Transformer 500 50
-500 500

HE power line 100 5

ME power line 25 4

LE power line 15 3