Wind Farm

The wind farm as seen in the buildings menu

The wind farm is one of the two renewable energy sources in eCity, along with the solar plant.

It is important to place wind farms in windy areas, otherwise they may not produce enough power. Additionally, they must be connected by roads to the rest of your city. For this reason, wind farms are best placed in mountains, where the wind is strongest.

To see if an area is suitable for wind energy, activate the Wind overlay. The windy areas are indicated in light blue.

It should be noted that in addition to the already low happiness level of the mountains, Wind farms reduce happiness by a further 20 points in the area around them. Therefore, wind farms should be placed away from residential buildings.

Building info:Edit

Building size: 2x2

Cost: 1250 €

Maintenance cost: 15 €/month

Building quality: 3

Pollution: None

Additional effects: Reduces happiness by 20

Requirements: Road connection - Wind

Maximum power output: 40 (medium voltage)